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Zöldterv Épületgépészeti és Épületenergetikai Kft.

Zöldterv Épületgépészeti és Épületenergetikai Ltd has been providing a wide range of superior quality energy consulting services to its customers since 2008. Their specialist services include: ISO 50001 energy management systems, computer aided energy monitoring, energy efficiency capex certification for tax allowance purposes, business development and energy consulting. Zöldterv’s main business objective is to cover the whole spectrum of essential energy services and build long term stable relationships with its trusted and valued partners.

The Hungarian Chamber of Auditors Educational Center Ltd.

The Hungarian Chamber of Auditors Educational Center Ltd. was founded in 1999 by the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors. The Educational Center has become one of the leading players in financial and accounting education and contributes to the development of financial culture through a multitude of trainings, conferences and professional publications and softwares. In addition to their central office in Budapest, they co-operate with five regional directorates: Debrecen, Miskolc, Szeged, Szombathely and Veszprém. With the cooperation of the Chamber’s organizations in the counties, and the use of their own e-learning system the national coverage of their activities is ensured.

ANH Audit Network Hungary Kft.

Audit Network Hungary Kft. was founded in 2003 by Budapest Consultans Kft. According to both Hungarian and international standards, it can be considered as a Hungarian Auditing Network and as such is the largest audit organization owned by Hungarian experts. It is among the largest 10 audit organizations based on the consolidated revenue in Hungary. It is a member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) International Auditing Organization.

Lovrecz, Mangoff and Temesi Law Firm

Lovrecz, Mangoff and Temesi Law Firm has extensive experience in corporate, financial, work, real estate, media, energy, commercial law, litigation and data protection. Their goal is to provide their clients with high-quality practical legal advice focusing on the needs of their customers by finding the most suitable and best practice solutions. Their work organization allows their lawyers to provide legal services to domestic and foreign clients in groups, as a result of which counselling is always provided by a lawyer with the appropriate experience and knowledge. They work mainly in a multidisciplinary and international environment, working closely with other local and foreign advisors and professionals who share their view that clients in the global market are looking for consultants who offer them complex solutions.

Hungarian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Hungarian-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry has more than 230 members, including Hungarian and French small and medium-sized enterprises, subsidiaries of major French companies, individual entrepreneurs. Its main objectives are to strengthen trade relations between Hungary and France, to foster the relationship between the Hungarian and French business communities and to strengthen the relationship between HFCC member companies.

University of Texas

University of Texas is one of the largest and best research universities in the United States, home to over 51,000 students. Some of the students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge of transfer pricing through special training at our firm. The best-performing students at the transfer pricing course are given an opportunity to spend 1-1 months every year at our company and get acquainted with local and regional transfer pricing and practice.


Vectrum Ltd. was founded in 2007 and is a fully Hungarian owned company. Their founders and colleagues are experts in electronic signature, system design, business model creation with 10-15 years of professional background. Their mission is to replace paper-based invoicing with an electronic invoice. They provide consultancy and service support to a number of utilities companies.

Grant Thornton Valuation Ltd.

Since 2016, Grant Thornton Valuation Kft.’s evaluation team has been a member of Grant Thornton International through the Grant Thornton Group in Hungary. Its main activities include company valuation, property valuation, machine and equipment valuation, intangible asset valuation, transfer pricing documentation, technical expertise.

AmCham Hungary

AmCham Hungary is one of the largest American Chambers of Commerce in Central and Eastern Europe, representing American, international and local business interests in Hungary. AmCham Hungary is an extensive, influential platform for your business, which is also Non-governmental, Non-political, Financially independent and self-sustaining. AmCham’s membership profile represents a majority of Hungary’s largest companies.

AmCham provides members with an opportunity to actively and directly participate in defining, developing, discussing and resolving issues of common interest impacting the operations of their respective businesses and organizations. Through active member participation and cooperation with Policy Task Forces and Committees, AmCham strives to create a space for a thriving and dynamic business scene in Hungary.