Transfer pricing on a supreme level

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  • Preparation of transfer pricing document
  • Transfer price consulting, education
  • Providing support during tax audits

  • Review of transfer pricing documents

  • Benchmark analysis with database screening

  • Transfer pricing policy

  • Filing APA requests

Our team of advisors has been engaged in the preparation of transfer pricing documents since the introduction of the Hungarian legislation.

At Kondor-TP, the Transfer Pricing Expert Group works closely with staff working in the international and domestic tax field, enabling to deal with the complexity of the impact of intra-group transactions within different tax aspects. Thus, we can provide assistance not only in the planning of transfer prices but also in the complex tax evaluation of already completed transactions.

Our consultants followed numerous tax authority procedures, have up-to-date knowledge of tax administration practices and tax law changes.




VISEGRAD Consulting Group starts

As a next step in becoming a regional service provider, the VISEGRAD Consulting Group, founded by the KONDOR Group, began its operations. Under the auspices of the new brand, we will continue to build the first international advisory network from Hungary.

The participation of Farkas Dr. Bársony in the Select USA Investment Summit in Washington

Our CEO, Farkas Dr. Bársony has participated in the Select USA Investment Summit in Washington D.C.  where he met with business investors from every corner of the globe. As part of the summit he was also invited to the opening ceremony of the so called Business Promotion & Development Campus, the new start-up center of the Hungarian Embassy in Washington D.C.

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