Creating value in processes

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  • Financial planning

  • Company valuation

  • Enterprise performance screening

  • Market analysis

  • Business advice

  • Organization development consulting

Company Valuation

It may be necessary to identify the value of a company or some of its assets in situations that are considered to be key to the company’s progress. For example, before sales or sales transactions, when deciding on changes in the organizational structure of a group, for raising capital or for settling disputes between stakeholders.

In these strategic times, it is advisable to turn to experts who have the necessary technical knowledge and practical experience to make an objective and independent evaluation.

For Kondor-BFC’s valuation experts, determining the value of a company or assets not only means performing calculations in a template – our analysis enables our client’s management to address key strategic issues and day-to-day tasks that are most affecting the company’s business.

Business consulting – business planning

Our business efficiency consultants provide customers with support in building corporate strategy, strategic performance screening systems, developing organizational structures, and leveraging cost-cutting opportunities. In the context of enhancing business efficiency, our consultants focus on redesigning business processes, management and reporting mechanisms and related controls.

In addition, we support business planning by preparing feasibility studies and financial plans. The advisory services range covers customer service and sales channels, systems, and mechanisms.

Accounting consultancy

In today’s complex and fast-moving economy, it is more important than ever that organizations receive high-quality accounting advice and support that helps them to ensure professional compliance and reach their business goals.

KONDOR-BFC’s accounting advisory services are designed to help you navigate through the requirements of ever-changing international and domestic accounting regulations. Our staff is highly trained, with many years of experience in accounting, professionals who keep their knowledge up-to-date also including anticipated changes to the law to ensure that our customers’ questions can be answered in a high level, not only in accordance with the current rules but with their expected modifications.



The participation of Farkas Dr. Bársony in the Select USA Investment Summit in Washington

Our CEO, Farkas Dr. Bársony has participated in the Select USA Investment Summit in Washington D.C.  where he met with business investors from every corner of the globe. As part of the summit he was also invited to the opening ceremony of the so called Business Promotion & Development Campus, the new start-up center of the Hungarian Embassy in Washington D.C.

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