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  • Accounting

  • Payroll

  • Accounting consultancy

  • Preparation of tax returns

  • Internal policies

  • Representation in authority procedures

Preparation of accounting policies 

We will prepare your company’s required and mandatory accounting policies, tailored to the law, but in a way that it could be useful for the day to day business to serve your business goals.

All companies are obliged to draw up accounting policies within 90 days of the establishment. These are the following:

  • Accounting policy
  • Cash Management Policy
  • Inventory Policy
  • Cost Accounting Policy
  • Account order and overview

Accounting policies are prepared on the basis of a personal consultation with the client, so that it would be possible to adapt the templates to the client’s operations.

Full-scope book-keeping

We offer our accounting services fully personalized. The framework of our service is tailored to the needs of our clients, with short response time, and with dedicated accountant contact.

Our core service includes:

  • Analytical and synthetic bookkeeping.
  • Submission of tax returns.
  • Creating tailor made owner / manager reports with short deadlines.
  • Participating in the management’s periodic / regular reporting. Creating a Reporting System.
  • We use the BMD accounting system to create custom queries tailored to the customer’s needs, which can be retrieved from the client securely in any minute of the day from his office.
  • Participating in the audit process, keeping in touch with the auditor, completing the annual or interim audit.
  • Representation before tax authority.
  • Information on legislative and tax changes.

In addition, on demand, we can even perform book-keeping at the customer’s premises in the accounting software of its choice with pre-agreed frequency, making outsourcing of accounting tasks more convenient.


Within our payroll service, our colleagues with Social Security special education perform the monthly payroll tasks of our clients in full-scope.

Our payroll service includes the following tasks:

  • Monthly payroll calculation.
  • Performing administrative tasks related to entry and exit of employees, and transfer of related materials to the appointed employee.
  • Preparing and forwarding forms of cash, CSED, GYED to the authorities
  • On request, prepare a group bank transfer file on net wage.
  • Forwarding of payslips encrypted, electronically, for employees.
  • Monthly regular tax returns and salary data report for NAV, OEP and KSH, and voluntary funds.
  • Records of paid holidays and overtime.
  • Preparation and submission of declarations, certificates and data services related to closing and opening of the financial year.
  • Administration of income certificates.
  • Information on legislative and tax changes.
  • Representing the company in authority procedures, and during tax audits.

We also undertake the payroll calculation of so called Social Security payer companies and, in case of larger organizations, we help the HR colleague’s work.

General Accounting Services

Our main account services are offered to clients whose number of documents has reached a critical amount when a financial professional is already required, but the tasks requiring deeper professional skills worth outsourcing both professionally and cost optimally.

The scope of our Head of Accounting service:

  • One of our appointed specialists, usually at the headquarters / site of the client checking the recorded data booked by our partner’s staff.
  • We provide feedback to the financial staff and their superiors about the audited data, ensuring continuous feedback and flow of information.
  • More complex bookkeeping tasks and any task related to taxation is provided by our Head of Accounting.
  • We are also involved in interim and yearly audits, and we also undertake to coordinate staff related tasks.

The Head of Accounting can respond promptly to questions related to day-to-day operation, thanks to his / her personal presence, to better understand the company’s operations and to provide comprehensive advice to the managers of the company.


We undertake the introduction and operation of a cafeteria system.

Our Cafeteria service includes the following tasks:

  • Creating policies based on company needs and employee preferences, with the most cost-effective application of the law frameworks.
  • Preparation of employee declarations.
  • Participation in the first contract with the various service providers (voluntary funds, SZÉP-card and voucher issuers).
  • Ordering SZÉP cards, uploading monthly, ordering vouchers and making a distribution list.
  • Reporting to payroll depatment and tp voluntary funds.
  • Preparation of a cafeteria closure for leaving employees.

When designing our Cafeteria service, we always set the elements of the system together with the customer and customize the operation of the cafeteria system.



VISEGRAD Consulting Group starts

As a next step in becoming a regional service provider, the VISEGRAD Consulting Group, founded by the KONDOR Group, began its operations. Under the auspices of the new brand, we will continue to build the first international advisory network from Hungary.

The participation of Farkas Dr. Bársony in the Select USA Investment Summit in Washington

Our CEO, Farkas Dr. Bársony has participated in the Select USA Investment Summit in Washington D.C.  where he met with business investors from every corner of the globe. As part of the summit he was also invited to the opening ceremony of the so called Business Promotion & Development Campus, the new start-up center of the Hungarian Embassy in Washington D.C.

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